Host a Screening

Host a Screening

Thank you for your interest in screening THERE ONCE WAS AN ISLAND! To screen a film publicly you must obtain public performance rights. This is an easy three-step process:

Step 1) Purchase a community-screening DVD

Individuals, community groups and libraries can purchase THERE ONCE WAS AN ISLAND for the community-group price of $150 on the New Day Films website. This includes public performance rights for 100 people or less, but not the right to charge admission.

If you or your organization are planning on charging admission for the screening, collecting donations, or using the film for a fundraiser, or if the screening is for more than 100 people you must select our institutional screening price of $250.

To get your community-screening DVD go to the New Day Films website.

Step 2) Complete the Screening License Form


Step 3) Download our Screening Tools

Get guides, posters, and press kits here.