What You Can Do

Getting Involved is Easy!

There are a number of things you can do to help Takuu and to help the planet.

Donate to the Takuu Fund

Donating to Takuu is one way you can help save this sinking islandIf you want to help Takuu directly you can make a donation to our Takuu Fund Paypal account. Briar March and Lyn Collie are both authorised to collect donations on behalf of the community. 100% of anything you give will go direct to Takuu’s Council of Elders for use on projects nominated by the people of Takuu.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Make a commitment to some commonsense changes in behaviour. Rather like getting fit and healthy, the little things can make a difference.

  • Use public transport or cycle
  • Don’t travel to an event if you can reasonably attend remotely
  • Get rid of your car, trade down to something smaller or get a smart car, hybrid, motorbike or Segway instead
  • Buy less stuff – a large quantity of what we buy is made of or with petro-chemicals
  • When you do buy stuff look for locally made, environmentally conscious products or try second hand
  • Install low-energy lightbulbs and switch them off when you’re not in the room
  • Switch off appliances at the wall when they’re not being used
  • Install energy efficient appliances in your house and buy a laptop over a desktop computer
  • Wear more or less clothes and leave heaters and air-conditioning off
  • If you have the money and you own your own home, insulate the building to protect against cold and heat, and install a solar energy system
  • Get a water-saving shower head and/or take shorter showers – hot water is the second major use of power in a home after space heating

For more tips visit Greenpeace International.

Direct Action

There are a growing number of NGOs who work hard to draw the attention of the world’s decision-makers to the issue of climate change. Little changes by responsible citizens need to be accompanied by large changes by big organisations like governments and multinational corporations. We like Oxfam who have a presence in Bougainville, and are intensely aware of the growing problems in the Pacific region, and Greenpeace who have lobbied exceptionally hard leading up to the Copenhagen climate change talks.

If association with a charity or activist group is not your cup of tea, try writing to your MP or congressman, or your local newspaper. Next time you have the opportunity, consider voting for the party or politician in your area who has a good plan for dealing with climate change. Talk to your friends about the issue. Come and see our movie! There are lots of options.